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The great patron of science and education

Interview with  Rector of the Baku State University, academician, MP Abel Maharramov

Q: How would you briefly highlight the role of national leader Heydar Aliyev in the destiny of the Azerbaijani people?

A: When Heydar Aliyev started leading Azerbaijan in 1969 Azerbaijan was one of the least developed republics. National leader set himself a goal of strengthening economic independence of Azerbaijan even within USSR. He managed to construct huge industrial complexes in the country.

Thus, national leader`s economic development strategy ensured free development of the country.

Of course, national leader Heydar Aliyev played an invaluable role in our centuries-long statehood history. His years in power - 1969-1989 - saw the strengthening of national spirit and national statehood idea.

"Economic independence is the essence of a nation`s political independence," national leader Heydar Aliyev said. He placed a particular importance on the country`s economic development during his both tenures as Azerbaijan`s leader. We can say with confidence that thanks to efforts of the national leader the years 1970-1980 marked radical socio-economic reforms in Azerbaijan, and the country, which was on the verge of collapse, overcame all difficulties.

As far as the first years of independence are concerned, we all are well aware that the country suffered serious problems in these years. The fact that the country faced the threat of losing independence was coupled with the inexperienced government`s activity. It is the fact that it is national leader Heydar Aliyev who is considered the man behind the statehood building in Azerbaijan, the country`s economic prosperity and socio-political stability.

With great sense of pride we today say that it was national leader Heydar Aliyev who saved Azerbaijan from civil war and split, and who ensured the country`s becoming one of the world`s leaders.

In 1993, with the support, trust and on the request of the people, Heydar Aliyev was elected President of Azerbaijan. After that, our country embarked on a new period – a period of stability, security and development. Drastic reforms were initiated, the foundations of statehood were laid, the Constitution of the independent Azerbaijan was adopted, the ideological foundations of our society were formed, the ideology of Azerbaijanism was adopted as state ideology, and very serious reforms related to democratic development and human rights began. Azerbaijan became a member of international organizations and we started to give tangible answers to the propaganda campaign against Azerbaijan. We managed to break the information blockade. It was in those years that the main principles of our foreign policy to which we are still committed today were defined.

In other words, at the most difficult and tragic period for our country the personal qualities, knowledge, courage, foresight of Heydar Aliyev and his love for the people proved crucial. Azerbaijan passed this difficult ordeal with its head high.

Q: The founding of the New Azerbaijan Party and its role in the history of Azerbaijan is associated with the national leader. What can you say of this?

A: The New Azerbaijan Party has gone through a difficult and glorious path in the 20 years of its existence. YAP has made contribution to every sphere of life in the country. Last year we marked the 20th anniversary of Azerbaijan`s regaining its independence, and this year the New Azerbaijan Party celebrates its 20th anniversary of the establishment. This, in fact, means that the New Azerbaijan Party`s history in the last 20 years is history of modern Azerbaijani state.

YAP has always been committed to the principles of statehood, and has never done anything against the interests of the people of Azerbaijan. This was so even when YAP was in opposition.

New Azerbaijan Party`s ideological principles today reflect the national interests of the Azerbaijani people. YAP`s principles included independent statehood, rule of law, Azerbaijanism, constructive cooperation, social justice. And these principles are accepted by the people of Azerbaijan. These principles are the Azerbaijani government`s values.

YAP has become the Azerbaijani people`s party since the first day of its foundation. The Party is supported by all the strata of the Azerbaijani society. The fact that the New Azerbaijan Party enjoys strong support from the people is the party`s driving force.

The New Azerbaijan Party`s coming to power in Azerbaijan marked the beginning of a new political course in the country. The New Azerbaijan Party breathed a fresh air into the country`s political system. It brought civil norms of civil struggle to the country, adding new elements to the society, which ensured the establishment of democratic values and formation of the civil society. The New Azerbaijan Party set an example of how a party should serve the people.

from the very first day of its founding the New Azerbaijan Party won people`s respect and confidence. Another factor was personal confidence in and respects towards national leader Heydar Aliyev.

The party`s main priorities include strengthening the state independence, building democratic, constitutional and secular world, and ensuring peaceful and safe life for the citizens.

Another factor was the New Azerbaijan Party`s having strong social basis, which represented the whole country.

The New Azerbaijan Party's program highlighted the main tasks aimed at strengthening the state independency, building the democratic, legal and secular state and ensuring the peaceful and prosperous life of the citizens.

The principles of independent state, lawfulness, creative progress, azerbaijanism, civil solidarity and social justice as the basis of the Party's ideology stipulate the ideological base of the political future of Azerbaijan.

Q: What about the national leader`s role in the development of science and education in the country?

A: National leader Heydar Aliyev regarded the national achievements in scientific and intellectual spheres as important goals of the country and a reliable guarantee of state building in Azerbaijan. He took important steps aimed at developing the scientific and education system of the country based on advanced principles. Primarily, he thought about the intellectual future of the people. He always relied on new developments in science.

Scientific development and improvement of national education system through applying advanced innovations were among the main goals of Heydar Aliyev’s governing.

“Being a professional strategist, the great national leader said that creating an intellectual base is one of the main pillars of each country paving the way for its independence. Heydar Aliyev’s policy was formed on scientific principles and intellectual capacities

All of two stages of 34 years Heydar Aliyev ‘s leadership of Azerbaijan Republic can truly be named “ the Golden Period of Azeri nation and its science, culture and education”. Tens of Azerbaijani scientists, artistic and cultural workers were awarded with the highest state prizes. Every year, hundreds of youth were sent to most outstanding educational institutions to get rich knowledge and to become the professionals of unique specialties.

The genius statesman, world-known politician, twice Hero of the Socialistic Labor, Honorable Doctor of some universities in foreign countries, national leader of Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev graduated from our History faculty.

The relations of National leader Heydar Aliyev with University is great and grandiose stage of the glorious history of Baku State University. Most of remarkable days of Baku State University are closely related with its most popular graduator, outstanding politician of the Azeri nation and national leader Heydar Aliyev.

On October 28, 1994, on the dated meeting of the Great Scientific Council of Baku State University was made a decision to endow Heydar Alirza ogly Aliyev with Honorable Doctor of BSU for his care about the development of science and education, for summiting the name and glory of the University, for unparallel services before Azeri nation and government.
Q: Please briefly speak of the continuation of the national leader`s strategy…

A: We are very happy that the national leader`s ideas are continued by our President Ilham Aliyev. As a result of the Head of State`s tireless work Azerbaijan became one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world. Time shows that there is no alternative to Heydar Aliyev policy, and that the people of Azerbaijan were right to support Ilham Aliyev. All international organizations openly admit that President Ilham Aliyev`s coming to power in Azerbaijan boosted the country`s development, and Azerbaijan became one of the leaders on a global scale in terms of growth rate of Gross Domestic Product.

Azerbaijan is developing successfully and confidently today. We, the followers of Heydar Aliyev’s cause, remain true to his political course. For the last 10 years Azerbaijan has been going down this path, has been committed to the political testament of Heydar Aliyev, and the realities of today, the current situation of our country clearly demonstrate how true this way is.
Over the past 10 years we have made great strides in all directions. We have asserted ourselves on the international arena as a very reliable partner. The international community supports our position. The vast majority of the international community is supportive of Azerbaijan.

Over the past ten years, there was not a single country on a global scale that would develop economically as much as Azerbaijan did. This is also our great achievement, the result of our policies. It is the result of an independent policy. Azerbaijan is working on diversification. Azerbaijan is addressing issues of energy security, and we are further strengthening our leading positions in this area. All our projects are being successfully implemented. Given the economic and geopolitical situation, the implementation of these projects in very difficult conditions is also a historic achievement.

The programs on the development of Azerbaijani regions have been over-fulfilled. As a result of these programs, we can say that unemployment has practically been eliminated in a matter of 10 years. The poverty evil has been practically done away with. The successes already made and our growing strength will allow us the opportunity to implement all our intentions in the coming years.

Azerbaijan as an independent state conducts an independent policy. Today, our economic strength forms the foundation of our independence. The work done so far and the projects we have just started will strengthen our power several times. It is a fact. So it will be as a result of the work we will do in the future.

Azerbaijan has strong positions in the region. These positions will only grow stronger each year. Not a single issue can be resolved in the region without our involvement. In short, we have defined our long-term strategy associated with the development of the country.