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New Azerbaijan Party is known as a strong and influential political force on the international scene

Interview with  Deputy chairperson of the Committee for International Relations and Interparliamentary Ties, chairperson of Foreign Relations Department of the New Azerbaijan Party Sevinj Fataliyeva

Q: Ms Fataliyeva, you have recently visited the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. We would like you to brief us on the visit…

A: As you know the New Azerbaijan Party maintains broad foreign relations, and enjoys close ties with political parties of many countries. At the same time YAP is a member of a number of international organizations uniting political parties. We are members of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP). It groups more than 340 political parties from 50 countries, which represent both opposition and government. Its governing body is the Standing Committee which has nearly 20 members, and the New Azerbaijan Party is among them.

I addressed the conference in Kuala Lumpur to highlight the current situation in the country, the results of the government`s development policy. I also raised the issue of Armenia`s occupation of Azerbaijani lands. I said that the fact 20 percent of our lands is under occupation impedes the country`s development. This occupation continues for more than two decades, and it resulted in the killing of Azerbaijani civilians, while more than million people live as refugees and internally displaced. The Armenian terrorists also destroyed all historic, cultural monuments and villages of our country. We urge the world community to force Armenia to respect the international legal norms. We urge them to return prisoners. I should emphasize that ICAPP has always supported Azerbaijan`s position.

Q: In general, what can you say of our party`s activity within ICAPP?

A: By joining influential international organizations such as ICAPP the New Azerbaijan Party has earned an outstanding opportunity to increase the world community`s awareness of Azerbaijan`s realities. The International Conference of Asian Political Parties is a forum of political parties of Asia-Oceania countries, which was launched in Manila Philippines in September 2000. The objectives of the conference are to promote exchanges and cooperation between political parties from different countries in the area and with various ideologies; to enhance mutual understanding and trust among Asian countries; to promote Asia's regional cooperation through the unique role and channel of political parties; and to create an environment for sustained peace and shared prosperity in the region.

Developing the relations with the International Conference of Asian Political Parties is one of the key priorities in the foreign policy of the New Azerbaijan Party. The 17th meeting of the ICAPP standing Committee in Baku decided to organize the organization`s 7th General Assembly in Azerbaijan`s capital on November 22-23. The 7th General Assembly was held under the topic “Security, peace and cooperation in Asia”. It brought together more than 200 delegates from 35 countries. Twelve Azerbaijani political parties attended the event. The conference was a remarkable event in the history of political parties of Azerbaijan.

It should also be noted that the first meeting of the Women's Wing of the Standing Committee of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) was held in Baku in April 2013. It was attended by more than 60 women politicians and delegates from 25 countries. Our capital also hosted the second meeting of the ICAPP Youth Wing in August 2013.

Q: What is your vision of prospects of YAP`s foreign relations. What about cooperation with foreign political parties?

A: Expanding foreign relations has always been among key priorities in the policy of New Azerbaijan Party. And YAP`s increasing international prestige contributes to promoting Azerbaijan`s truths on a global scale.

New Azerbaijan Party enjoys good relations and cooperation with tens of leading political parties in the European, Asian and American continents. We maintain long-term cooperation with political parties of Turkey, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, South Korea, Pakistan, Tajikistan, etc. We organize intensive reciprocal visits, and carry out experience exchange.

The New Azerbaijan Party has organized a large number of high-profile international events. In 2007, YAP hosted “Dialogue of civilization: the role of political parties” conference, in 2008, it hosted “For democracy and stability: new opportunities of cooperation” conference, in 2011, the party hosted “Modernization policy: new economic and social challenges” conference.

Apart from ICAPP, we also enjoy close cooperation with the European People's Party and the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPPPAL). The New Azerbaijan Party is known as a strong and influential political force on the international scene.

Q: We would like you to highlight what is being done to increase the international community`s awareness of Azerbaijani realities, particularly the Armenian aggression…

A: Azerbaijan enjoys rapidly growing international influence. Located in geographically and strategically important South Caucasus region, Azerbaijan is effectively using its natural resources and intellectual potential to ensure its development and strengthen international standing.

Azerbaijan has become an important player in the system of international relations. Azerbaijan has a say in regional and international issues. And certainly it is strong economy and social wellbeing that lies behind this success.

Azerbaijan has become not only a regional but an international hub in terms of politics, economy and culture. Every year our country hosts high-profile international events that bring together acclaimed statesmen, politicians, state and government officials, religious figures and scholars from around the world.

The number one priority in the foreign policy of Azerbaijan is Armenia`s aggression and occupation. We work hard to eliminate the consequences of Armenia`s aggression. We attach great importance to returning our occupied lands, restoring the inviolability of our internationally recognized borders and ensure the return of our refugees and IDPs to their homelands. To achieve this we are committed to peaceful resolution of the conflict. We prove this by our participation in the OSCE Minsk Group-mediated peace negotiations. But the Armenian leadership`s non-constructive position has impeded these efforts so far. So our primary priority is to increase the international community`s awareness of these realities.

Q: Baku will host the first European games in June. Some foreign circles have speeded up their smear campaign against our country. How would you comment on this?

A: In fact, we have already faced this situation. Azerbaijan is a powerful state, which enjoy big influence on the international scene. Azerbaijan is making huge contribution to ensuring energy security of Europe. Azerbaijan has presented itself to the world as a land of peace and stability, and cooperation. Certainly this irritates some forces. And it is the Armenian lobby that stands at the head of these circles. So they attempt to damage Azerbaijan`s reputation by carrying our smear campaign.

If you remember we faced this challenge in 2012 when the country was preparing to host Eurovision song contest. At that time the whole world witnessed Azerbaijan`s strength. So I believe that Azerbaijan will use the inaugural European Games to promote its national and moral values.

The preparation for the event is supervised by the head of state personally. At the same time first lady, president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva is carrying our excellent work to ensure perfect organization of the first European games.