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President Ilham Aliyev: Today, Azerbaijan's foreign policy stands out for its integrity and independence

“Today, Azerbaijan's foreign policy stands out for its integrity and independence. The main reason for that, of course, is the presence of a strong political will,” President Ilham Aliyev has told the 5th session of the heads of Azerbaijani diplomatic services.

“In the absence of a strong political will no country can pursue an independent policy. Such political will is there. This political will showed itself in matters of both domestic and foreign policy. At the same time, the successful development of our country and the comprehensive economic independence of recent years have allowed us the opportunity to speak our word and defend our interests in the international arena as well,”

“In recent years, both political and economic reforms contributed to very extensive development of our country. Today Azerbaijan is one of a handful of countries capable of determining their future themselves and conducting an independent policy. The economic independence of Azerbaijan is fully secured. Azerbaijan is a self-sufficient country,” the head of state added.