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Current realities of Azerbaijan consist in the fact that there is no internal source of danger, President

“The current realities of Azerbaijan consist in the fact that there is no internal source of danger. There are no disturbing moments either. This situation has been created by the rapid development of Azerbaijan, the stability and unity among the people and the government, and our successes in domestic and foreign policies. There is no internal source of danger,” President Ilham Aliyev has told the 5th session of the heads of Azerbaijani diplomatic services.

“Therefore, of course, we want no sources of danger around us. We are working with our neighbors in this direction in bilateral and multilateral formats. I believe that this should remain a priority for the coming years. At the same time, trilateral formats have been determined on our initiative again in recent years. I should note that it is the initiative of Azerbaijan, and such formats exist today.”

“There are trilateral formats of Azerbaijan-Turkey-Georgia, Azerbaijan-Turkey-Iran and more recently Azerbaijan-Turkey-Turkmenistan. Meetings are held at the level of the ministries of foreign affairs, economy and industry. One meeting at the presidential level has already been held. This is also very useful. Here, of course, we discuss political, economic and energy issues. This is a very successful format of cooperation. I can say that there are excellent results of this format. Such meetings in themselves are a very positive sign, as regional cooperation is further strengthened here. We have always sought to strengthen regional cooperation,” said the head of state.

“Every country, including Azerbaijan, can provide for its interests more effectively through regional cooperation. Therefore, when such initiatives yield fruit, it certainly makes us happy. Our foreign policy does not stand still. We must always be in search, constantly think about new forms of cooperation, take the initiative for Azerbaijan's foreign policy to be even more successful,” he added.