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French website highlights gender rights in Azerbaijan

French web portal has issued an article titled “Women's rights – Azerbaijan is on the right path”.

The article notes that important work has been done in protecting women's rights in Azerbaijan. “Big opportunities were created here for women.”

Located at the crossroads of the East and the West, Azerbaijan’s main population are Muslims, the article writes. “Azerbaijan is an ancient and a secular country. Touching upon the first democratic, parliamentary republic in the Middle East, the article notes Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was founded on 28 May 1918. “ADR built its legal framework in accordance with the Western institutions.” The article stresses that ADR granted women equal political rights with men before many developed countries, including France.

“Azerbaijan has seen rapid modernization since gaining its independence more than 20 years ago,” the article notes, adding that the country attaches special importance to Western values. “As a member of the Council of Europe the country’s criterion in its internal policy coincide with CoE’s priorities such as human rights, equality, tolerance and diversity.”