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New Azerbaijan Party condemns France terror attack

Azerbaijan’s ruling party, the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) has made a statement on the terrorist act committed in France’s capital city of Paris.
The statement published on the party’s website strictly condemns the terror attack which killed a dozen people, reiterating that YAP supports efforts of the international community in fighting terrorism, which has become a scourge for humanity.
The statement further said, “Regardless of the reasons or where it was committed, we consider terrorism the gravest crime against humanity, human rights and dignity. Having suffered a lot from terrorist acts, Azerbaijan has already witnessed negatives effects of this type of crimes on society. The Azerbaijani people and each Azerbaijani are against terrorism and have always called the whole world to unite against it. Insulting the Prophet of Muslims and the faith of hundreds of millions of faithful people are inadmissible. But still, it could no way justify human bloodshed. We extend condolences to the entire people of France and express our confidence that the perpetrators will get their deserved punishment”.

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