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YAP Nizami district regional branch`s Youth Wing holds 4th constituent conference

On February 21, YAP Nizami district regional branch`s Youth Wing held the 4th constituent conference. Speaking at the event, chairman of the branch, MP Sadagat Valiyeva told of the agenda of the meeting. Valiyeva said that the YAP Nizami regional branch has 11253 members of whom 5511 are youth, 5293 are women. The branch has 149 first party organizations.

Chairman of the Youth Wing, YAP Youth Wing`s Office Ali Panahov spoke of the follow-up report on the progress achieved since the 3rd constituent meeting. According to him while the Youth Wing`s number was 4256 at the 3rd conference it rose to 5511. During this time, YAP Nizami regional district Youth Wing did much work.

Speaking at the meeting, YAP Nizami regional branch Youth Wing members Elsham Mirzayev, Asif Aliyev, AyanYusifova and others said the progress achieved since the third conference was satisfactory.

Then, organizational matters were discussed. The YAP Nizami regional branch Youth Wing members, Board and representatives of the YAP Youth Wing`s conference were elected.

Sevinc Abdullayeva was elected chairperson of the Youth Wing of the YAP Nizami district branch, Ramil Valibeyov as first deputy, Khayal Ahmadov and Habib Nasirov as deputies.

First Deputy Speaker of the Milli Majlis, YAP Board member Ziyafet Asgarov said that our youth worthily represent our country at an international arena, and are active in educating the world community on the cultural and moral heritage of the country.

Deputy Executive Secretary of YAP, MP Siyavush Novruzov said that the party affiliates some 650 thousand members and youth are especially active. 

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