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YAP Youth Wing activists meet Gusar district youth

Young activists of the Youth Wing of the New Azerbaijan Party have visited Gusar district. As part of the visit the activists held a meeting with Gusar district youth.

Participants in the meeting included chairman of YAP Youth Wing Seymur Orujov, member of YAP Political Council, editor in chief of Iki Sahil newspaper Vugar Rahimzade, chairman of YAP Gusar district branch, member of YAP Political Council David Ibrahimkhalilov.

Chairman of YAP Gusar district branch David Ibrahimkhalilov opened the event to highlight youth policy in Azerbaijan.

Chairman of YAP Youth Wing Seymur Orujov hailed the Azerbaijani government`s care and attention to youth. He said President of Azerbaijan, chairman of YAP Ilham Aliyev attached particular importance to youth policy.

Editor in chief of Iki Sahil newspaper Vugar Rahimzade noted the importance of state youth policy in Azerbaijan.

The meeting was followed by “Individual development” training organized by YAP Youth Wing and Level Up education and development center.

The visit also featured a friendly football match.

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