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Mubariz Gurbanly: important points included into declaration adopted at summit are another success of our diplomacy

“Important points included into declaration adopted at summit on interaction and confidence building in Shanghai are another success of our diplomacy cause it meets interests of Azerbaijna,” said deputy yap executive secretary, MP Mubariz Gubanly

Declaration underlines involability of borders of states. According to him, heads of states reaffirms through this declaration that they support territorial integirty indpenence, sovereignty of states. At the same time, declaration says separatism, extremism are threat to sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and security of states.

“The article 3.5 is associated  with the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. The participants said they support solution of the conflict on the basis of intenrational law principles and norms. This document is the succss of the President Ilham Aliyev`s foreign policy,” he said.

“President Ilham Aliyev had his country recognized in the intenraitonal relations system as the reliable partner. The Foreign policy of Azezrbaijan refrs to pragmatic, flexible and agressive diplomacy,” he said.