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Ilham Aliyev: “Caspian sea is the sea of friendship and fraternity”

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev met President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimukhamedov in Bodrum on 4 June.

Ilham Aliyev said at the meeting.

“We are determined to strengthen our political relations. Our regular meetings, high-level visits of the foreign ministers and heads of other institutions underline the nature of our relations which are friendly, sincere and fraternal. We wish kindness and peace to each other. We are eager to raise cooperation in all directions.

We are also glad that economic trade is also growing. The potential is certainly very big. I think that in the future we will cover the spheres of economic cooperation which are not too active so far. Certainly, the issues of provision of energy security, transport security  are solved almost on par by our countries. This is because we have a right insight of the situation and we see the development of our countries in strengthening of the economy and development of regional cooperation.

I know that a modern big seaport is being constructed in Turkmenistan just like in Azerbaijan. These two new ports will serve our countries and peoples. We will raise flow of cargo via the Caspian Sea thus strengthening our economic potential.

Development of energy sector is also proceeding at parallel rates in our countries. This sector also serves our peoples for the welfare and prosperity of our countries. I think that these projects, as well as joint efforts on ensuring security on the Caspian Sea, preservation of ecological balance in the Caspian basin will promote a positive development of the situation. Caspian Sea is the sea of friendship, fraternity, this is our common water basin and we, as brothers, are certainly cooperating. We do hope that the upcoming summit of Caspian states which will be the first after Baku’s, will also be very positive in terms of raising cooperation.

Our delegation was represented on a high level at the celebration of the jubilee of the great son of Turkmenistan Mahtumkuli Fragi in Ashgabat. Events were also held in Baku. The common legacy of our great sons is our wealth. We are proud of it and, certainly, must popularize and present to our citizens the samples of high culture which our countries have. The opening of the modern building of the carpet museum is expected in Baku soon and after the opening we hope that Turkmenistan will present its samples of the high art of carpet weaving.

This is also the sphere which causes convergence of our peoples. Our peoples have a special attitude to carpets. This is not only the element of decoration or comfort, this reflects the talent of our peoples, their culture and the carpet is very dear to the heart of every Turkmen and Azerbaijani.

I am very glad that the summits of Turkic states are held on a regular basis. We are discussing important issues of mutual interaction. Baku has recently hosted a trilateral meeting of the foreign ministers of Turkmenistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan which is a new format of cooperation-also very positive and effective. Therefore, when analyzing what we have done in a bilateral sense and in cooperation within international organizations, we see good and positive results. This further inspires us for new endeavors.

I want to congratulate you all with all achievements and wish welfare and happiness to the fraternal people of Turkmenistan”.