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06 January 2016

New Azerbaijan Party is known as a strong and influential political force on the international scene [Sevinj Fataliyeva ]

30 October 2015

National leader Heydar Aliyev`s women policy lies behind the success of Azerbaijani woman [Nurlana Aliyeva]

26 May 2015

First European games to demonstrate Azerbaijan`s power [Elmar Gasimov]

19 May 2015

Creation of effective administration system contributed to the improvement of Azerbaijan`s international prestige in the field of environment [Huseyngulu Baghirov]

18 May 2015

First European Games is the peak of Azerbaijan`s development [Hadi Rajabli]

13 May 2015

Extensive work is carried out to develop districts of the country [Tahir Rzayev]

08 May 2015

Independent Azerbaijan is developing on the path of the national leader`s ideas [Fattah Heydarov]

07 May 2015

Heydar Aliyev legacy is a rich fount [Malahat Ibrahimgizi]

06 May 2015

National leader Heydar Aliyev played exceptional role in our multi-century statehood history [Ali Abbasov]

01 May 2015

Successes achieved by Azerbaijan under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev mean the triumph of Heydar Aliyev ideas [Mahammad Mammadov]

30 April 2015

State building and development of statehood is associated with the national leader [Ali Huseynli]

27 April 2015

Zarifa khanim was a rare, unique woman [Nurlana Aliyeva]

25 April 2015

PACE spring session was very successful for Azerbaijan [Sahiba Gafarova ]

22 April 2015

Azerbaijan maintained its rapid development rate in the first quarter of 2015 [Aydin Huseynov ]

21 April 2015

Heydar Aliyev saved Azerbaijan from chaos, anarchy, civil war to guide the country towards prosperity, development [Vagif Abdullayev]

20 April 2015

The policy, which has ensured Azerbaijan`s sustainable development, is based on Heydar Aliyev ideas [Bakhtiyar Sadigov]

17 April 2015

Azerbaijan will successfully host first European Games [Rauf Aliyev]

14 April 2015

Development of regions considerably contributes to improving people`s well-being [Sevinj Huseynova]

10 April 2015

People-government unity is the main factor behind Azerbaijan`s power and sustainability [Sadagat Valiyeva]

06 April 2015

Preparations for 4th summary conference of YAP Youth Wing are nearing end [Seymur Orujov]